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Find the Time to Shape the World.


You are summoned

Do you you want to take some time and hear from different perspectives to consider your next moves in a rapidly changing world? Do you believe that we need a more compelling vision of the future to find our way forward again?

Sign up to Summanity.

We strive towards integral development. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach, and in forging unexpected connections. That is why we are selecting representatives of the following 8 domains of expertise to join us at our up-coming retreat dedicated to designing the world of tomorrow:

1.      Food, water, agriculture, ecosystems, geography, and biology

2.      Architecture, engineering, transport, sensors, AI, and robotics

3.      Medicine, health, sports, education, and well-being

4.      Energy, chemistry, physics, IT, connectivity, and communication

5.      Hospitality, peace, justice, safety, and governance

6.      Music, arts, entertainment, games, and play

7.      Investment and finance

8.      Business development, marketing, advertising, journalism, and media

Twenty five knights and a round table was all it took for King Arthur to change the world.  Why wouldn’t that be true today? In the words of Margaret Mead, “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” 

Facing climate change and a world propelled by an ever faster pace of change, most of us are still somehow stuck in our business as usual. It is time to take our time to stop and reflect.

Children are starting to protest in the streets. Your citizens or staff long for a meaningful participation into the future. If you can’t unlock more of your leadership and show them an inspiring way forward, you risk losing out and so do we.

What will you do?

Come join a unique gathering of 10 to 25 other Shapers of Tomorrow in one of our retreats for a personal time-out and interactive work-sessions. Come design new models for a sensible path forward; for yourself, your organization, and, while you are at it, humanity.

We know that re-imaging our future is ambitious. We are not saying it will be easy. But we will do our very best to make your engagement count. It will be a unique one-off experience. Some bonds may last a life time.

The outcome related to humanity is likely to be published. You will be able to choose whether you want to be associated with it.

You can find the latest overview of the group as it is shaping up by following this link. As you can see, we are nearing full capacity but there are still a few places left!

Practicalities of the upcoming Summanity Retreat - Summanity II


From: Friday 13 December 2019 at 18h

Until: Sunday 15 December 2019 14h


Address: T.B.D. - Likely to take place in the Willibrordushuis, Oude Molstraat 35, 2513 BA Den Haag, Netherlands

The country: The Netherlands, the land reclaimed from the sea through inventive collaboration

The city: The Hague, the International City of Peace, Justice and Security.

The venue: A monastery open to the world, stimulating active engagement based on profound reflection.


The event is all-inclusive:

  • experience a unique building steeped in history

  • access to a concise "The state of humanity" information package

  • free access to 3 dedicated event halls, 3 work-rooms and the garden

  • two quiet nights and a key to your own private accommodation on-site

  • six meals and refreshments

  • several facilitated work-sessions

  • guidance for the moments of silence, reflection and meditation

  • inspiring engagement with fellow participants

  • some intensive teaching bits, expert coaching and advise

  • an entertaining evening

  • a short tour in The Hague

  • the outcome, designed


  • Day 1: Getting to know the group: sharing insights, drivers and values

  • Day 2: Developing visions for tomorrow: safe havens and opportunities - outlining models and prototypes

  • Day 3: From vision to results - the road ahead

You can download a more detailed agenda here.

For some frequently asked questions click here.

The retreat will allow participants to reflect on how they can take their own life and their organization into the future.  In addition, the setting will also allow participants to test some forms of collaboration there and then, on-site.

Yes, the event is likely to take place at a monastery as we are looking for a symbolical and spiritual location but rest assured, the event is open to all world views.

How can I sign up?

For Summanity II, we are looking to create a complementary group of people who can really make a difference together. For this event, time is short and places are limited. For applicants we cannot accommodate this time around, we may suggest another, or more suitable event in the future.

Interested? Apply or purchase your tickets here.

We very much welcome suggestions for invitees or questions you may have. You can send those to .

We believe that individuals with the following characteristics will help us maximize our impact:

  • Willingness to have an open mind and to participate humbly in a group setting

  • A fair degree of experience, expertise, power, or drive to act