Humanity Solutions
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Short term focus:

More initiatives

Stopping climate change.

Building inclusive and thriving organizations and communities.


Why we live

what we do.



More happy humans.

More humans participating in solving our challenges.

These targets:

  • assume a reasonable co-existence with other species too. Cause we are not alone. Whatever anyone says

  • strive to be kindly distributed among ourselves






of people sharing a common value system and aspiration for humanity.

1 billion

people feeling safe the whole day



1 billion

People loving their day

100 million sq kms

of Liveable space

Some statistics to prove we are smart and also, in the real world.


We are not a research institute. We base our work on the research out there.

Fact is: We are an ever growing population playing with more and more powerful tools on an ever constant planet.

For some information on current trends. Take some time to look at:

  • Durham Global Policy Institute

  • The Ecologic institute Berlin


  • The Global Judicial Institute on the Environment

  • The Centre for the Study of Global Governance

  • The Centre for Global Affairs

  • The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law

  • the Igarapé Institute

  • The SecDev Foundation

  • The Stockholm Resilience Centre

  • The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

  • The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society

  • the Environmental Change Institute

  • The Zurich insurance group


graph going up indicating problems on the rise. oh oh...


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