We are looking for great, entrepreneurial people, organisations and an occasional awesome robot to build solutions and develop the network. 

We believe you are possible.



Fair ownership of your contribution
Fun and meaning

Where ever possible:

  • Autonomy to build your team and choose your methods
  • Development path considering your personal purpose
  • Support for your path to mastery

Open Position — Co-founder(s)

You are eager to see this work and the timing is right and you are cool.  The best match with the other current founders would be:

a) a reasonably grounded extravert with a serve by example, pace setting leadership style and his or her heart in the right place (meaning the chest).

b) an introverted accumulator type who only has eye for the current reality, compliance and a stubborn passion for the reliable and steady handed management of logistics and resources. 

You make no enemies
You are not a whiner
You have experience and/or a network in one of the innovation areas
You have built something
You are open minded and inclusive
You are not afraid to work


Open Position — Product manager

You can manage, maintain and develop products handed over to you. 


You are a product manager
You make sure it works


Open Position — Sales and Marketing

Products, services, innovations, brands need to be known to be seen to be used to be valuable. Making that happen is your second nature. 


You know about timing, positioning
You can make stuff attractive as honey
You are ridiculously persuasive
You are a dealmaker
You can listen and read needs
You can create win win win win wins