We help clients clarify their contribution and their path into the future. We help them engage their team and network to develop innovations in line with that purpose


Future alignment scan

A 60 minute interview or lunch session to assess how you or your organization is positioned towards the future.

The outcome: You learn our perspective on your current reality. We determine three things you can stop doing and three things you can start doing.

Price: 880 Euro



A 4 week test drive of the seeds of new beginning.

The outcome: A much improved sense of what is possible and a plan to get there. Initial buy-in from key stakeholders.

Price: To be agreed


Start up

A 6 - 24 month startup runway to position your organization for a better future.

The outcome: A more engaged workforce with a renewed sense of belonging and safety. High quality innovations. A clarified contribution to the overall well being of humanity.

The price: To be agreed