Goals that inspire us right now

Respecting our bond with nature. Stopping climate change and identifying ways to protect ourselves.

Measured by:

Square kilometers of liveable space.

  • How about 100 million square kilometers of liveable space?

  • How about decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 10% every year?

  • How about every child learning to take care of one plant or tree

Ensuring that automation efforts are peaceful in nature. Building inclusive and thriving organizations and communities.

Measured by:

People loving their day and feeling safe.

  • How about more than 60% of the population feeling safe? How about more than 80% of your workforce?

  • How about some shared aspirations defined for humanity?

  • How about most members of your organization pairing up with a machine or software?

  • How about a justice system that recognizes positive contributions to society (and not only the crimes)?

Making sure our infrastructure, institutional and legislative frameworks remain sufficiently flexible. Building support for the experimentation needed to address the urgent challenges of our time.

Measured by:

Freedom to experiment and learn.

  • How about 5 percent of public spaces available for priority innovation?

  • How about 10 percent of our education dedicated to priority innovation?